Keystone Wine & Jazz Festival 2019 Registration


Republic National Distributing Co. (RNDC) & The Keystone Neighbourhood Company present the 2019 Wine & Jazz Festival in Keystone's River Run Village.  

This is a three day event - Friday, July 12th with our Reserve Tasting (see below), Saturday, July 13th from 1-5pm and Sunday, the 14th from 1-5pm.  This festival benefits the Lake Dillon Foundation for the Performing Arts which is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Summit County by providing unique and accessible cultural experiences through the performing arts.

GRAND TASTINGS:  Saturday, 7/13 & Sunday 7/14, 1pm - 5pm

The Grand Wine Tasting will be located in Keystone's River Run Village.  

RESERVE TASTING:  Friday Evening, 7/12

Warren Station Center for the Arts will again host the seminar events as well as the Friday Night Reserve Tasting.  The VIP tasting will be held Friday evening from 7pm til 9pm for a wine and food tasting.  This event has limited ticket availability and it will be a great opportunity to showcase some of your premium wines, as well as enjoy an evening of wine, food and entertainment.


Once you've completed registration, you must enter all of your products you want to bring for each day's event through this site.   Please note that you must bring a minimum of 18 bottles of EACH wine  you plan to pour...    12 for Saturday and 6 for Sunday.    Wine liaisons will drop off your wine and pick it up at the end of each day. 


Supplier Information

This will be how your brand appears on the signage at your table and in the mobile app.   Please ensure it's correct. 

Table fees may be paid via a supplier chargeback or direct invoice.    If you plan to participate in the VIP Reserve Tasting Friday evening - there is no table charge - we request at least 2 bottles of at least 2 selections from your higher end portfolio.   In order to participate in the Friday VIP Reserve tasting event, you MUST also partcipate in Saturday and Sunday's Grand tastings.

Contact Information

If you've registered at Tasteseller this year for other festivals, enter the password you used to do so. 


KNC graciously provides volunteer assistance to help with pouring, however we do ask you make every effort to attend, as volunteers are in short supply.  

The Reserve Tasting event promotes our higher end, special wines for the VIP evening of wine, food and entertainment.   There is no table charge to participate.  - we request at least 2 bottles of at least 2 selections from your higher end portfolio. 



To book your lodging, click on this link - Vendor Package  - that will open another window.  Book your lodging now for the weekend with our specialty rate from Keystone Resort for all suppliers at the festival.  

Please let us know which nights you are planning on staying in Keystone and how many rooms you're planning on booking.  

Payment Information