Denver Food + Wine Festival 2022

Exhibitor Information

If you need to scoop ice or handle food/dairy (garnish, etc) then you must select Spirit Exhibitor or Wine & Spirit Exhibitor in order to order a Handwashing Station.

Please note the longer your table name, font may become smaller to fit on Table Banner Sign.

If you've registered at Tasteseller for other festivals and/or DF+WF 2019, your same email and password will allow you to use product history.

Please select the Table Size you want for your products.  A Half, (3ft) or Shared Table, is available for a smaller fee

Spirit Exhibitor Options

If you are scooping ice, handling any type of food/garnish including dairy products, you will need a Hand Washing Station.  These stations are provided by CRA and MUST be ordered during registration or by Monday, Aug. 15th directly with Sherise Chew (
During the Grand Tasting the Health Dept will be checking our tables and if you are handling ice/food without a washing station, you will be fined and not able to serve your products.  
As our DF+WF Partner, COBG will have bartenders to hire for your table on Saturday to make your cocktails.  Cocktails are served in 1 ounce taster cups during the Grand Tasting.
The Fee is $250 to be billed as a Supplier Chargeback through SGWS.  


If you are not able to attend to pour at your table, SGWS will assign a Sales Consultant to pour for you.

If you, or a representative of your brands, are able to attend and pour, you are also able to bring 1 guest with you to help you pour.  

You will also have an option below to purchase additional passes if you want to bring more than 1 guest to the Grand Tasting.

Option to Purchase Additional Passes

If you do NOT want to purchase Grand Tasting tickets, go to end of Form and Click the "Register" button to complete your registration.

If you would like to bring additional guests, you can purchase Grand Tasting tickets at our discounted price.  SGWS CO will bill you through your Supplier A/R.  

Electronic tickets will be sent to your registered email.

You may also purchase them directly with our sales people, not as a supplier chargeback however.

GA tickets are $115 List, discounted to $95

First Taste tickets are $150 List, discount to $125.

VIP Tickets are $175 List, discount to $150.  VIP includes entrance to exclusive VIP Lounge Tent.