TasteSeller Demo Inquiry Registration

Check out how you can customize your event registration and exhibitor product entry to generate festival information for your event branded mobile app.  Our system is also a great tool to help you organize your festival with the information you need from your exhibitors.

Exhibitor Demo Registration

Take a look at how you can customize your event registration.  

Vendor types can include Wine, Spirit and Beer Exhibitors plus Restaurants and other types of vendors.

You can collect information from all registrations in this section.  

Vendor can also upload their Logo file, COI, or other file needed by the festival.


This is where the Exhibitor can choose which events they wish to participate in.  Event Descriptions will also copy to the Vendor Reration Confirmation.


Thank you for testing our TasteSeller Demo Festival! We will be in touch soon to confirm your test registration. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email TasteSeller at contact@tasteseller.com.